SCREAM THE TV SERIES Recap: Season Finale

Hey Sinners!! Miranda aka Dolly Hearts here back to recap Scream the TV Series for the last time. This week was intense and emotional. Not only because I viewed the finale episode and learned who the killer was, but also because we lost an amazing human being. If it wasn’t for Wes Craven, I wouldn’t be here writing to you today. Not because of the obvious, the fact that I am recapping a Scream TV show…because Wes ‘ creations are the reason I fell in love with horror. He induced nightmares into me for years with Freddy and embedded an obsession with Ghostface. My world would not be the same…RIP Wes Craven. I had to get that out of my system, so back to the show. The finale was awesome!!! I was frightened for the characters, I witnessed an awesome girl fight and I even gasped at one point! I am so satisfied with this ending!

scream-1002Of course, we pick up where we left off at the school Halloween dance, where the video of the restrained Sheriff is still playing. Everyone is sort of panicked and dispersing while Emma learns of Branson’s escape and the fact that it looked staged. She’s really scared and calls Kieran. Kieran had just stormed out on her in the previous episode, after Emma confronted him about knowing Nina. Kieran ignores Emma’s call as he is loading a hand gun. I don’t know sinners he looks pretty suspicious. Piper leaves the dance to hit up the police station for details…before leaving she makes sure to tell Emma not to trust anyone.

Whoever hacked the video screen at the dance is sending a live signal through Noah’s tablet. Noah the techie genius that he is, is trying to trace it. He notes that he can’t get a hold of Audrey, who is at Brooke’s after party getting drunk (drinking away her anger with Emma over Kieran) Emma can’t get a hold of Brooke either….and then her phone rings. The killer tells her that tonight is the finale, and everybody’s gotta see the horror show! The killer asks “can you put all the pieces together on time to save him? Or Will Daisy’s heart be broken the same way she broke Brandon’s?” Then the killer appears on the video screen and everybody starts clearing out.

237594Emma goes to the police station to get her mom, whose taking pictures of the crime scene. She explains what the killer had said, and that they need to find the Sheriff. Her mom checks the dead bodies mouth and finds an old locket shoved down his throat. A locket that Brandon made for her, he used to give her gifts by the tree at her old house. Wellll that must be where the Sheriff is!!! They arrive at her old house to find the Sheriff strapped to the tree. He has rope tied around him, fastening his upper body, torso and legs. You can tell he is in a lot of pain and is trying to tell them that something isn’t right. As Emma’s mom is telling him everything is going to be ok while cutting the rope around his torso…she pulls the rope off and his guts fall out of his stomach!! (cue GASP!!!!) She struggles to stop them from falling out but it’s too late…the Sheriff is dead.

Noah discovers that the malware doesn’t only access webcams, it turns off ringers and notifications as well. This is why he and Emma haven’t been able to reach Audrey and Brooke. Noah narrows down the signal and finds it’s location!!! Brooke’s house. Noah tells her to tell the cops they got the killer, when Emma receives a text saying “No cops, or they will all be headline news.” She demands Noah come and pick her up.

1a2f92At Brooke’s party, Jake tries to apologize for being a jerk. He admits he was spying on her at his house but only because he was watching out for her. He explains the spyware was deleted, and then somebody put it back up and he was just trying to figure out who did it. He says he didn’t tell her because he’s a jackass and maybe wanted to see her boobs (can ya blame the guy?) A random male character goes to the pool house to use the bathroom and never returns, he is soon discovered dead by a party-goer….and this is about where the episode gets AWE-some! As the crowd runs away scared, Audrey approaches to see who is dead. As she slowly walks towards to pool of blood, the Killer comes out of nowhere and grabs her…it’s as if Audrey has been waiting for this moment because she looks straight in the killers eyes and says “What are you waiting for?” It looks like she is about to be stabbed and of course the screen goes black.

thumb0002Brooke finds herself alone at her ‘party’ and doesn’t know where anyone went. As she’s looking around wondering…she hears a strange noise and suddenly it clicks in. She hurries inside and locks the glass patio doors. Well doesn’t Mr. Branson show up on the other side (convenient timing Branson-not), begging her for forgiveness. He tells her the killer came and killed the guard and let him out, he left because he knew how bad it would look (ya cuz leaving makes you look better?)  He pleads for her to let him in, by saying he misses her and would never hurt her. There is tension building between them and Branson has some crazy eyes going on…she has many doors to her back yard and they are running from door to door and she is trying to keep him locked out. Just as she gets the last door locked, all the lights outside shut off and Branson disappears. The lights turn back on and BAM! Brooke is face to face with the killer on the other side of the door. Brooke runs to hide and ends up hopping into the empty deep freezer in the garage (the same deep freezer her dad hid the dead crack head in the tape). Baaaaad idea Brooke! The killer finds her, locks the door, flips the freezer, stabs at her through the walls a few times, plugs it in and leaves her to freeze.

Amadeus-Serafini-in-Scream-Season-1-Episode-10Noah and Audrey finally get to Brooke’s. The first vehicle they see is Piper’s, there is blood on the door and her glasses and cell phone are on the ground covered in blood. As they approach the front door, they hear a rustling coming from the side of the house. It’s Kieran and he’s pointing a gun. As soon as he realizes who they are, he puts the gun down, but Emma’s not so quick to surrender. Kieran tells her that she texted him to meet her there but she says she didn’t (ooooh a little tidbit taken from Scream 4) Noah is sketchy and says Kieran could be controlling the malware and texted himself. Kieran says he had his gun out because he too saw Piper’s car. Emma tells him he could have hurt Piper because she found out he might be Brandon James’ son. He explains when his dad adopted him there were alot of adoptions papers and he has the proof that Brandon isn’t his father, and that his dad is the only dad he’s got.  That’s when Emma knew he wasn’t the killer, because he still didn’t know about his fathers death (the Sheriff). I still wasn’t buying this though, it seemed like quite a good pity speech…and he definitely still could be the killer. Kieran gives Emma his gun, to prove he’s not dangerous.

Once inside the house, Kieran suggests Noah checks out the backyard and he and Emma will look through house. Noah goes on to say “In observation of this loaded moment, I am not in favor of splitting up, nor am I three days from retiring and I will NOT be right back.” Noah heads towards the back yard and this is when I started yelling at the screen…NOOOO Noah can’t die!!!! If they kill off Noah then I’m not watching any more!!! haha I’m such a nerd, atleast I can make myself laugh right? So first thing Noah discovers is Audrey’s camcorder and bag on the ground…two things she never leaves behind.

CN6TzKNWEAA5njNMeanwhile, the deep freeze is starting to get cold and Brooke is running out of oxygen. Still screaming and banging for help, you can tell she’s running out of steam pretty quickly. Kieran and Emma are checking things out and run into Jake, who pops up out of nowhere. Right now things are pretty wide open…they are doing a great job at making everyone look suspicious. He claims he went and took a walk by the lake after his argument with Brooke, and when he returned everyone was gone, and he too cannot find Brooke. They suddenly hear a knocking sound, and Jake guesses pretty quickly that it’s coming from the garage. They break her out and she is freezing! Jake can solve that though with a little mouth to mouth haha what a guy any opportunity he can get!!!

Guys, Noah is still outside ALONE! He is approaching the first blood puddle that caused the party to die (see what I did there?) and he is very nervous that it’s going to be Audrey’s blood. He is mildly freaking when he discovers the body and then screams like a little girl when Audrey comes out of nowhere and grabs him. So thankfully she is still alive, but also sketchy. They are all together now and want to call for help…but they still have no connection. Brooke says there’s a landline in the house and Jake says “A land line? What is this 1996?” Love it! Just incase you don’t know, which I would be really embarrassed if I were you…the original Scream came out in 1996, great and funny reference! Emma goes to call her mom from the landline and Kieran looks for a first aid kit. Before he leaves the group he passes his gun to Noah…who basically points it at himself before Audrey takes it off his hands. Well, doesn’t the landline ring before Emma can make a call.

You know whose on the other line, and Emma says “here I am, come and get me.” The killer says there’s a small catch because it’s not just her that he wants. The killer tells her again it started with Daisy, and it’s going to end with her, figure it out. She puts all the pieces of the episode together…the dock where Brandon was killed. She is told to go alone or others will die.

KillerEpisode110She bolts and finds her mom gagged and tied to a chair in the middle of the dock. Her mom tells her she shouldn’t have came and as she is untying her mom, the killer shows up!!! DUN DUN DUN….the killer steps forward to take off the mask annnnd it’s Piper!!! Holy devils, I had suspiscions but I didn’t think it was going to be her. I am a woman, and I just don’t think one single female is capable of doing some of the things she has supposedly done throughout the show. A few episodes into the season, I told you Piper shared her background story with Emma, that her father was murdered and it was never explained. Well duhhh her father was Brandon James, and she is out for revenge on Emma due to her perfect upbringing. Brandon trusted Emma’s mom, he got shot, Piper got tossed and Emma got the perfect life. She says “For 20 years you let people think that my dad was the monster, but you were the monster.” She killed all her friends in order to watch her suffer. Piper talks and explains her plans way too much…like come on get on with the killing before someone else shows up! She completely framed Branson and has him tied up in her trunk. Emma’s mom ends up breaking loose and there is a scuffle. Piper manages to get a couple good stabs in, her and Emma have a good little girl fight which I couldn’t help but laugh at…Piper gets Emma on the ground and just as she is saying that she has one last thing to share with her before she ‘opens her up’, she is shot in the chest and falls into the water. Audrey who has Kieran’s gun came to the rescue of course!! She saw Emma run off into the woods and followed her. Just when they all think they’re safe, Piper rises from the water for round 2 and Emma shoots her right in the head. “They always come back” she says.

CNmWVYkWUAArlvjThe series had a pretty happy ending. Everybody ended up back together, and most of them survived. Jake finally deleted all the spyware and videos off his computer and Noah took over Piper’s podcast. Branson is a free man…but there is one questions Noah asks? If Piper was the killer, than who was the person behind the mask the day Will and Piper were attacked in the abandoned building? A certain character that I won’t reveal is shown burning letters from Piper Shaw at the end of the episode…bring on season 2!!!!!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this series! I ended up liking it much more than I had guessed I would. I loved the references to the original movies of course, whether they were minor or obvious. This show definitely proved that in TV you can kill someone off almost every episode and still have plenty of character developement. I fell for the relationship between Noah and Audrey so hard, they were my faves. I also noticed I grew fondly of Jake and Brooke, two characters I hated in the beginning. I am still not a fan of the mask, maybe we will get lucky and they will bring the real Ghostface back for season 2? It would also be cool if they brought in a guest appearance from the orignal films, to try and tie in Woodsboro, what would you think of that? I am never one to try to dig too hard to figure out who the killer is, I love sitting back and enjoying the story unfold all while welcoming every surprise along the way. But I think they did a fantastic job at making the viewer really second guess themselves, each episode always threw some sort of curve ball and in my opinion that’s good television! I can’t wait for season 2 and I hope you guys meet me back here so I can fill you all in again!! Thanks for reading sinners!!!!