Review: KRISTY Is Thanksgiving Horror Goodness

Scary fact: Thanksgiving has almost no horror films (though we are still waiting for Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving). It’s as viable as any other holiday and people need something to watch besides THANKSKILLING. Well thankfully, we have something new…KRISTY

KRISTYKRISTY begins with a murder. Dare I say, one of the more disturbing murders in recent horror films. An abandoned car with a hooded figure sitting inside. A wooded area and a woman being chased down and cut. The imagery is unsettling. When it’s done we see not just one hooded figure, but several.

KRISTYCut to Justine (Haley Bennett). Alone on Thanksgiving. Her boyfriend and roommate are gone. Campus is deserted. She decides to go out for a snack. While at a local store, she runs into a creepy hooded girl, Violet (Ashley Greene). Pierced and dirty, she follows her and after a brief confrontation at the counter, remarks “You’re the one”.Justine makes back to campus in one piece but she is not alone. Her stalkers have followed her and they aim to kill again.

279583-kristy-is-a-nerve-shredding-nail-biting-fight-for-survival-thriller-jpeg-114836KRISTY is awesome. There are moments when it feels like THEM or THE STRANGERS. There is a genuine sense of dread that fills the screen and it never lets up. There is also a brutality in the film that has been absent for some time and every confrontation has a true sense of danger.

KRISTYHaley Bennett is fantastic. She goes from being a disappointed woman into a calculating survivor. It remains believable  though since our investment in her depends on it.

KRISTYOn the opposite end of the spectrum, Ashley Greene gives a brave and frightening performance that is unlike anything that we have seen her done. There is an utter coldness to her every moment on screen.

KRISTY is flat out a film that needs to be seen and be in your collection. Period…amen. It deserved better than being dumped in the watch horror movies online free world of Netflix.  If you get the chance. Check this film out ASAP! It is definitely a film to be thankful for.