Short Review: DIE SITTER DIE

DIE SITTER DIE! A woman is in need of $12,000 and her boyfriend is beginning to become a bit clingy and not very understanding of her needs. She takes a babysitting job where she assumes everything is normal, when she arrives it goes south quick! The baby is not so small and no so baby at all. A very sick man has a delusion of being a baby and lures babysitters in and plays his little game with them. The man child pushes our main character through truly gut punching trials seriously it gets weird.

11954808_1123093697718543_8676387624778170809_nI can only imagine what it took to film some scenes, our lead actress gives a fantastic performance and cudos to her for what she went through. There are some brutal scenes throughout and its very intense. Our antagonist is one that will go in my books as one intense SOB he goes from baby to serial killer within seconds. A truly scary and honestly a giant baby killer who does that? Very few bad guys did I wonder who were they to make them become this awful being, here I really wanted to know what in the hell took place in his world to drive him to do this! Thought I can only say for myself he gave me the creeps but he was excellent in delivering.

11933489_1123093634385216_993677385624102607_nThis was an awesome short, we get a bit of everything here horror, blood and if you could see it as a bit of comedy I would say I chuckled but for all the wrong reasons. There is a crazy amount of blood but there is definitely a scene that my jaw hit the floor from the kill. Great things all around in this movie acting, cinematography and the delivery of horror. DIE SITTER DIE is one for only the strong of heart! Prepare for serious madness.