Digital Celluloid: Manhunt 3 Gearing Up?

This is a bit of confusion and excitement about a possible Manhunt 3 announcement. It’s purely speculative, but hey, it seems that people like holding on to the dream. If you’ve never heard of Manhunt, let me explain. Manhunt and Manhunt 2 were released for the PS2 and Wii a few years ago. There was a lot of controversy due to the extremely graphic, hateful nature of the series but fans enjoyed it (of course). Was it really that bad? Yes. Read on for more about it and the reason why it may be coming back…

Manhunt featured a half breed criminal dropped into a mysterious version of The Most Dangerous Game. Gangs run the streets and the dialogue is filled with F-Bombs, extremely racist terms, swastikas, and killing in a very personal and graphic way. You are encouraged to strangle, suffocate, stab, and shoot others. Yep, it’s not your father’s video game.

In any case, it may be coming back in a big way, maybe. Take-Two just filed a dispute over the domain name Valiant-Ent.TV, which was the fake snuff channel within the game. Originally created as a tie in by Rockstar Games, It has been dead for years and the domain expired in 2011. Well, since then the site has been resurrected as the home of an Online Petition to get Manhunt 3 made. Valiant yes, only now, out of nowhere, Take Two, owners of the whole thing, want it back. Why?

The prevailing theory is that, with Manhunts 10th anniversary coming up, they may be announcing Manhunt 3. Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely, no. Will I be keeping an eye on this story? Absolutely.

I loved the Manhunt series even though I had to take a shower after every play (I just felt dirty). More as it comes in.

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