New Walking Dead Season 4 Q & A with Greg Nicotero

Time to start getting excited about the new season of The Walking Dead. To kick things off. Here is a new entry into AMC’s Q & A series with the man himself, Greg Nicotero. Enjoy…

Greg Nicotero is the latest person to be featured in AMC’s “Dispatches from the Set” Q&A series. The FX master is an executive producer on The Walking Dead and also directed the first episode of Season 4. In this Q&A, he talks about the challenges of directing the premiere, what we can expect from the scripts this season, and his favorite zombie scene from Season 3:
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Q: You directed the Season 4 Premiere episode. What is it like to be back?

A: What’s nice about the first episode is that they always supersize it and give you an extra day, because they know that the script is going to be insanely filled with great drama and great action, and we certainly didn’t skimp on anything in this one.

Q: Sounds like there’s a lot going on in Season 4…

A: The story arcs and the script this season are astoundingly detailed, and every single nuance is there for a reason. It’s really fascinating when you step back as a director and you deconstruct a script in your head. When you’re shooting this scene because, for example, Hershel says one word, then the next cut has to feature what he’s saying, that intent follows through.

Q: The weather has been really rainy in the South. How has that affected shooting?

A: As a matter of fact, one of the locations that I picked for the first episode, our first day of shooting, the place was underwater. So we literally had to scramble and pick a new location… They had Porta Potties and all this stuff set up for where the crew was going to be, and I guess they floated away. [Laughs]

Q: What’s been your favorite episode to direct thus far?

A: Each episode I love for a different reason. The first episode I did in Season 2, where Dale gets killed, is the first piece of television I had directed. And I don’t think I told anyone else except Andy Lincoln, but I was scared s—less because I had one walker and this gigantic, huge, emotional episode… And then the second episode I did, 305, was so action-oriented. It was like four episodes in one because we had Rick going insane after Lori dies, then we had Michonne and Andrea’s story, and then we had Merle, and then we had the arena fights, and then we had the walker pits. 305 was really, really exhausting.

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