First photos for BJ McDonnell’s Hatchet 3 is a Clash of the Horror Titans!

I dig the Hatchet Series. They’re simple films that, when it comes down to it, are a good time. This time out the stakes get higher and Victor Crowley has some competition. Check out the pics below…

A search and recovery team heads into the haunted swamp to pick up the pieces and Marybeth learns the secret to ending the voodoo curse that has left Victor Crowley haunting and terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for decades.

Hatchet 3 is written and produced once again by Adam Green, and stepping into the Director’s chair this time out is seasoned Camera Operator BJ McDonnell (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Hatchet 2). Stars Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder return along with genre favs Derek (Friday the 13th, Hills Have Eyes) Mears and Caroline (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) Williams.

Look for more on Victor Crowley and Hatchet 3 very soon.

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