The Munsters move into the House of 1000 Corpses: A look at Mockingbird Lane

Once a month I end up at Universal Studios, either for work or play, and one of my favorite things to do is the Studio Tour. It really doesn’t matter how many times you do it, it is different every time. So, as we round the corner, heading towards the Chicken Ranch used in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, I sit patiently and wait. The tour guides rarely state that this is the house, due to many reasons that I’m sure you are aware of, even though it’s most famous for that film and “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” (also no longer mentioned due to complaining tourists). However, this time, the guide did speak, but it wasn’t about the Firefly clan, but a different family of monsters…The Munsters. More after the jump.

I haven’t paid much attention to Mocking Bird Lane, Universal’s all new take on the Munsters, I wasn’t sure what to make of it and I’m still not. When it comes down to “Monster” families, I’m an Addams Family guy, but I grew up with a love for the Munsters as well and I like my Munsters, well, “Munsterous”.

Anyway, I figured that they would be using the original Munsters house since the Desperate Housewives had recently left the neighborhood. The timing seemed right for Colonial Street to become dreaded once more, so you can imagine my surprise when the tour guide stated that the Chicken Ranch was being used in production of Mocking Bird Lane.

Since the Chicken Ranch is a practical set (used for Interior and Exterior), it seems that they will be filming inside as well but again, that remains to be seen. Zombie is a big Munsters fan (Obviously), so it’s interesting that the “Corpses” energy is now behind the NEW Munsters. We’ll have to wait and see how that works out, not just for Mockingbird Lane, but for us.

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